noch sehr unvollständig / very much in progress 

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  1. The Primers 
    1. Opening our Hearts and Minds (in progress)
    2. I - Coachee. Getting Ready for Coaching (in progress)
    3. Before I give a mandate. Getting Ready for Consulting (in progress)
  2. The Fieldbook
    with case studies from real customers, applying elements the MOD framework 
    (if you want to be part of it - get in contact!)
  3. The Manual 
    The Manual supports the MOD Foundation Module
    English version already available as a first draft

  4. The Compendiums
    The Compendiums support the Courses of the "Transformative" Series
    (please read Primer "Opening Hearts and Minds" and the MOD Manual first)
    1. Transformative Facilitation
    2. Transformative Leadership
    3. Transformative Coaching
    4. Transformative Consulting
  5. The Workbooks
    The workbooks cover the central pillars of the MOD framework - for individuals
    (please read Primer "Opening Hearts and Minds" first)
    1. Cognitive Development - Foundations
    2. Dialectical Thinking - 12 Thoughtforms (in progress)
    3. Identity Development
    4. Value Development
    5. Spiritual Development (finished)
  6. The Playbooks
    The playbooks cover the central pillars of the MOD framework - for systems
    please read Primer "Opening Hearts and Minds" first) 
    1. 3-D: Debate, Discourse, Dialogue
    2. Let's Talk (finished)
    3. SDO: Self-Organizing and Developmental Organizations (for now still to be found here:
    4. Developmental Pods
    5. Self-Organizing and Developmental Communities
    6. Adapt Europe
    7. Towards a Metamodern Society
  7. The Vademecums
    a bit for nerds - going deeper
    1. Perception
    2. Polarities
    3. Perspective Taking
    4. Emotional States
    5. Voices / Parts
    6. Shadow Work
    7. Spiritual States
  8. Narratives
    1. The Itinerary - An autobiography in chapters along the stages of identity development
    2. Transformative Thriving in the River of Life - 12 patterns that make sense