Growing your Mind through MindOpening Dialogue

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Maybe you are telling yourself one of these stories:

  1. The world is getting more complex. Simple jobs are taken over by digitisation. The necessary waterlevel of thinking complexity is rising, to get and hold a job in general, to lead in a "normal" organization and especially to work in a more agile context!
  2. The dynamics of organizations and networks can be quite overwhelming. And while there is pressure of time, money and quality we are supposed to switch roles between contexts, handle challenging emotions and treat everybody with respect!  


Apparently what is needed - on a personal level - is personal growth.


When we are talking about personal growth we are referring to three dimensions:

1) growing up - maturing

  • 3 dimensions: cognitive / socio-emotional / worldview
  • effect: managing complex situations, less overwhelmed

2) cleaning up - integrating shadow elements

  • effect: less triggered, more balanced

3) waking up - connecting with our "true self"

  • effect: less unrest, more peace


Often people grow "along the way", by learning from problems, learning from role models.

We developed an approach which we call Mindopening Dialogue to support personal growth.



  • Are you interested in solving problems / tackling challenges while growing your mind? 
  • Are you interested in getting a free online coaching? Are you willing to have the session recorded and the video shared on the MindOpening Dialogue platform?
  • Are you interested in learning more about the concept and entering the growing sutra-platform, with questions, videos, canvases, and exchange?
  • Are you interested in joining the upcoming series of online MindOpending Dialogues?
  • Are you interested in participating in a course on "Developmental Coaching with MindOpening Dialogue"?
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  • Are you interested in having a Cognitive and/or Socio-Emotional Assessment, a feedback about an in-depth interview that will be interpretated along a sophisticated methodology? Are you maybe even interested to learn how to conduct such assessments yourself? => in this case I want you refer to my colleagues "fraendi":   



  • We develop the material first in English.
  • Wenn Sie am MindOpening Dialog auf Deutsch interessiert sind, bitte melden!