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MindOpening Dialogue is a scientifically informed approach to scale human development.

Some of the central assumptions:

  • Human Development can be described along various lines (e.g. cognitive, socio-emotional) with various stages. 
  • Our complex world expects highly developed minds (and hearts), from all citizens, and especially from those with special responsibilities.
  • This growth can be assessed and described.
  • Much of this growth happens in families, educational institutions and on the job.
  • As we can see, these systems do not systematically do a good job in supporting human development. Many people are overwhelmed. 
  • The fact that many people are overwhelmed has negative consequences for the individuals themselves (stress, pain, unhappiness), and also for people in their context (stress, irritation) and also for those affected by suboptimal performance. 
  • Human growth can be supported systematically.
  • However, growth is not "taught" or "trained".
  • One of the necessary conditions for growth is dialogue.
  • MindOpening Dialogue is an attempt systematically support human growth with the possibility to scale.
  • One hindrance to scaling often is copyright. Accordingly I offer all of the MindOpening Dialogue material under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This means that you can share it freely, also use it commercially and adapt it if you republish it with the same conditions. You can find further information about the license at http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/ 
  • Another hindrance is that communication is centralized. The MindOpening Dialogue platform (on sutra.co) attempts to enable decentralized communication within a network.
  • A central condition seems to be that everybody involved should experience some kind of benefit. Accordingly we offer workshops and courses for professionals who want to benefit from MindOpening Dialogue Tools for their work as leaders, experts, coaches, facilitators, etc.
  • => please register on the MindOpening Dialogue Platform https://sutra.co/circle/qgr35x/register and/or let us know: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! 
  • Are you interested in having a Cognitive and/or Socio-Emotional Assessment, a feedback about an in-depth interview that will be interpretated along a sophisticated methodology? Are you maybe even interested to learn how to conduct such assessments yourself? => in this case I want you refer to my colleagues "fraendi": https://fraendi.org/cognitive-leadership-development/   


The concept of Mindopening Dialogue has two wings:

  1. Processes
  2. Patterns


1) The Processes enable real dialogue, instead of teaching, preaching or debate. Dialogue is a necessary condition for MindOpening processes - new insights into a matter and especially new thinking processes. In these processes we always talk about real challenges / problems. 

2) The Patterns are small elements that support the transitions along the stages of personal growth that we know from research. These patterns are used in the dialogue process as questions to trigger not only problem solving, but also capacity building beyind the topic at hand. 


Status of the development of MindOpening Dialogue

  • This is the fourth version since 2010 (depending how you count). Former versions relied much more on the patterns. At last the aspect of dialogue was integrated fully.
  • The Corona-Crisis has helped to turn to digital tools that support the dialogue.
  • At the moment we are establishing a MindOpening Dialogue platform for the small, but growing community on sutra.co
  • We just had a MindOpening Dialogue Colloquium with IFIS, Institute for Integral Studies, where we applied the concept to Climate Change: https://www.ifis-freiburg.de/event/online-kolloquium-nr-37-mindopening-im-dialog-auf-der-kognitiven-ebene-wachsen 
  • We are just starting an international Erasmus-Plus-Project around cognitive growth - MindOpening Dialogue will be part of the package.



  • We develop the material first in English.
  • Wenn Sie an einem MindOpening Dialog auf Deutsch interessiert sind, bitte melden!